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NATIONAL PARK/Wilderness - The secrets of the National Park with Pasetta, descendant of a dynasty of wolf hunters and a great connoisseur of trail of bears, deer and chamois. Mountain biking and walking on the wildest paths.



MONTE POLLINO/Southern patriarchs - Full immersion into the wilderness of the South between the Ionio and Tirreno seas, trekking on the trails through the "loricati" pines of Mount Pollino, eternal patriarchs struggling against the winds of the East and the ghosts of the Park that is not there. Canyoning in the spectacular canyon of Raganello between San Lorenzo Bellizzi and Civita.



ASPROMONTE/Last frontier of Italy - A journey to the end of Italy, the wild heart of Aspromonte chasing roads and trails that make stunts in a chaos of landslides, rivers, cliffs, impenetrable forests, isolated valleys and villages, memories of a world that is crumbling.



NAPOLI/Spaccanapoli - The cultural renaissance of the city: the metropolitan Grand Tour starting from the mysteries of the underground city, a walk through time on the streets of Neapolis greek-roman and dark soul of a people intimately connected with the cult of the dead. Discovering the most authentic Neapolitan through characters and craft shops of the old center. All secrets of the pizza and the best pizzerie in town.

VESUVIO NATIONAL PARK - Journey into the national park most original of the world where man and nature is love and hate each other as brothers, where biodiversity has the appearance of an incredibly diverse and complex mosaic, where the energy of a seething volcano that pretends to be asleep .

CAPRI ISLAND/Path on the sea - The two aspects of the island Neapolitan: fashionable and attractive for night owls, a paradise for travellers who enjoy walking and boat tours from dawn to dusk. Hiking, meditation, dreams are the "infinite" that accompany a trek on the island of Capri. From Punta Tragara to Arco Naturale, to the Villa Jovis of Emperor Tiberius. From the Grotta Azzurra to the lighthouse of Punta Carena along the Trail of Forts to explore Anacapri and the wilder and stranger face of the island.

ISCHIA ISLAND/Warmth of the earth - Ischia green island. Twelve months of beaches, spa and nature walks to discover the most authentic face Flegrei fields and the island's ancient traditions, from viticulture to the processing of magnificent pottery. Exclusive holidays and "young" vacations in a bright island.

PROCIDA ISLAND/Mediterranean watercolor - The smallest and least known of the Neapolitan islands but also the most authentic. Island fishermen and farmers is the ideal destination for travelers with a taste of discovery. In the heart of Chiaiolella and Corricella, extraordinary and unique examples of spontaneous architecture.

AMALFI COAST/Positano's genius - In a harsh and vertical land, between sky and sea, Positano assist in the severity of nature and creates a unique place to pamper man's vices and virtues in the sign of lightness and movement.

AMALFI COAST/The most beautiful road - The Amalfi Coast. From Sorrento to Amalfi via the fable of Positano and Ravello's poetry, natural balcony overlooking the most beautiful in the world chasing the legendary road that does stunts on the steep coast until Vietri sul Mare and the famous artistic ceramics.

AMALFI COAST/Vertical emotion - Journey to the paradise on the Path of the gods on the ridge of the Sorrento Peninsula. The road of the Amalfi is a historical destination of international tourism but the path from Bomerano reach Positano is to discover the charm of the Peninsula most inaccessible and wild chasing breathtaking views.

CILENTO/Rocks and sea - Off-season when the sea does not see swimmers and the roads traveling to the solitude to discover "the most beautiful and unexpected of the Mediterranean coast" and the lines of mountains and ancient villages in the great timeless Cilento, the right place to travel slowly.

SANT'AGATA DE' GOTI/Sant'Agata perfumes - A village waiting to be discovered, rich in history and works of art, an island in the land of Sannio knows that resists any form of contamination seeking to develop their own roots that smell like apples and Falanghina.



PONZA ISLAND/Tufa queen - By foot and bike chasing the most beautiful rocks in the Mediterranean. Authentic island from the double face, coveted by tourists in summer and winter travel offers amazing crystalline waters and magnificent walks in the Mediterranean.

VENTOTENE/Magic island - For a long time place of confinement and the human drama of utopia the small island halfway between Ischia and Ponza presents the visitor with its mediterranean simplicity. Canoeing along Dolphin routes and walking in the countryside of the last farmers who grow lentils with traditional methods.

ALTA TUSCIA/The Path of bandits - Itinerary in the Alta Tuscia following secret roads from the Nature Reserve of Acuapendente a volcano in Maremma via Lake Bolsena, Farnese and the ruins of the ancient city of Castro. Two-day trip and 100 km in the heart of the italian Far West, a land of ancient robbers, legends and true stories. The mountain bike rediscovers his original vocation in the magnificent setting of Alta Tuscia in Lazio.



SASSELLO - PARK OF BEIGUA/Perfumes of Giovo - Suspended between sky and sea on the heights of Park Beigua, breathing fotrst essences and aromas of macaroons by Sassello through roads and villages perfectly integrated in the territory, you ride immersed in an atmosphere authentically retro.



MATELICA/Secret Marche - Voyage of discovery in the valleys of Potenza and Esino river between Matelica and Pioraco. In the folds of the Apennino (mountain chain) meet places and people without betraying their roots, know how to live in step with modernity: wine, paper, textiles are the products which identifies this area to discover.

RECANATI/Lepardi places - Route over the hills of Recanati, accompanied by verses of the poet in a world of rolling countryside and ancient traditions through Osimo, Montefano and Castelfidardo and its museum of the accordion.

METAURO VALLEY/Antique pottery and charcoal - From the Alpe della Luna at the fortified walls of Urbania, the Metauro tells real stories of a old valley. The rugged mountain bike with us for Umberto, the last charcoal, and stops in the craft shops of the ancient Casteldurante.



AGNONE/Millennian bells - Agnone, the village of bells. Journey through time immersed in the shadow of foundry Marinelli, the cave of Vulcan, where bells are built using the same technique of thousand years ago. Route to the discovery of local between Capracotta, Pietrabbondante and Verrino Valley.



COPPI LAND/In the wake of the Great Heron - The roads where pedaled the "Campionissimo" have the same character of their hero, are quiet, discreet and give the best to tourist and travellers who decide to go and explore by bicycle. In Castellana, from home Coppi, begins a long journey, the legend and history of a man who has immortalized by the bike, from the Tortona hills to the hills fragrant wine of Gavi. Novi Ligure, City of Champions Coppi and Girardengo for the Museum of Champions.

LANGHE E ROERO/Bon appetite - Great wines, beautiful roads, wineries, farms, wineries and the pleasure of a journey of movement and taste. You start and you get to Alba through the hills of the Langhe and Roero, experiencing the magic of villages to be enjoyed as Barolo, La Morra, Diano d'Alba, Monforte d'Alba; not only wine: the Alta Langa is a land hazelnuts of "round and gentle" and legendary cheese. If you have less time and you want to live well by eating and drinking best left to Alba for a journey between scents and flavors of Langa.

CANAVESE AND BIELLESE/Morenuc Anphitheater - Pleasant rides between the alpine foothills and the broad plains of the Po river in the corner of Piedmont for years colonized by the culture industry. The discovery of the historic centers of Biella and Ivrea. Slowly and fully, walking and cycling. Among Canavese and Biella you discover the 'other Piedmont ". Very nice trip on horseback or mountain bike around the Morenic Amphitheater of Ivrea, an experience in the sign of peace and research authentic inns, wineries and quality local products.

LANGHE/The Barolo Road - There is not a definite direction but hills, roads, wineries, vineyards that mark the milestones of the road and the great wines of Barolo in the Langhe. Experience in the sign of passion, from wine to ... corkscrew. Hills, vineyards, villages and wineries on a romantic road from Monforte to Dogliani, from Serralunga to Barolo: every moment is right to stop, look around and inside, hear, taste, look through the ruby red of a glass of Dolcetto.



ITRIA VALLEY/Trulli valley - The white magic of the Val d'Itria on the road of Trulli and old farmhouses where the bond between man and the earth endures over time. From the noble heart of Martina Franca to the Trulli of Alberobello, from intimate candor of Locorotondo to Ostuni, white queen of olives trees.



ALGHERO - CAPO CACCIA/At the end of the world -The great spectacle of the cliffs of Capo Caccia, beaches and sunsets of Porto Ferro, the sweet atmosphere of "Alguer" and the journey through the nuragic mysteries of Santu Antine. These and other emotions reserve roads and trails that "surfing" on the Coral Riviera and timeless stones of the Valley of Nuraghi.

MEDIO CAMPIDANO/Island into island - From Giara Plateau to the Costa Verde, through land manifested by silence property of places and spaces of the soul, along imaginary roads to get back thousands of years, in the hands of men and women who set through art and produce the essence of Sardinia ignored by the large number of tourists, sought by travellers who travel "inside" the land.

MARMILLA/Park of Giara - Marmilla silent soul of real Sardinia. From Giara plateau to the ancient stones of Laconi, Barumini and Villanovaforru is very easy to get lost in the labyrinths of time and space to roam.

SINIS/Peninsula of light - Sinis is an ideal destination to explore by bicycle riding among white quartz beaches, ponds for thousands of pink flamingos and more ancient stones of time. Land of travelers who have found their peace here and fishermen who are the last real roe.

CROSSING THE ISLAND/Continent Sardinia - Crossing the island from sea to sea to discover many Sardinias along a road that crosses the mountains, touch mysterious stone and villages, explore the scents and follows the trajectories of the wind. With the bike at 15 km/h to cherish the illusion of nomadism. From the northeast (Olbia) to the Sinis peninsula along a beautiful route through Barbagia with the mountains of Gennargentu, the wheat heart of Sarcidano and Marmilla and extraordinary Costa Verde, a land of old mines and lonely beaches (Piscinas).



STROMBOLI ISLAND/The black shadow of the volcano - Walking from the sea to the sky, along the paths, ridges, peaks of Stromboli. Two steps from the mouths on fire island where all are foreigners, in a sign of insecurity. Stop in Ginostra "far" village of people and stories of another world.

SALINA ISLAND/ Island of the soul - Discovering of Salina, intimate and spectacular corner of the Aeolian islands, walk in the magnificent reserve of Monte Fossa delle Felci, an ancient extinct volcano twin of Mount Porri. Travelling through romantic and poetic places of "Postino"where the italian actor Massimo Troisi who make his latest film before dying.





















































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